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Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery

Uterine removal surgery is one of the most applied and needed operations in recent years. In women, the uterus may need to be removed due to many discomforts and problems in the uterus. Although cancer comes to mind first, there are many conditions that cause removal of the uterus. Uterine removal operations can also be expressed as hysterectomy in many places. The most important development in the medical world in recent years against uterus removal operations is undoubtedly Robotic uterus removal surgery . Thanks to this operation, people can have a much more comfortable and comfortable process at the point of removing their uterus.

Conditions Requiring Uterine Removal Surgery

There are many health problems that require hysterectomy , that is, removal of the uterus. The situations in which this operation is necessary, which has a very high rate in women, are as follows;

  • fibroids
  • Uterine prolapse (uterine prolapse)
  • Endometriosis
  • abnormal uterine bleeding
  • chronic pelvic pain
  • gynecological cancers
  • Endometrial cancer ( uterine cancer )
  • Ovarian cancer ( Ovarian cancer )

What is Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery?

If there is a subject that is more curious and important than the question of what is a hysterectomy , it is robotic uterus removal surgery . Robotic surgery, which is frequently used in uterus removal operations, is the use of robotic equipment during removal of the uterus. The organ expressed as the uterus is a muscular and hollow organ located in the pelvic region of women. Two separate equipments are used in surgical operations performed with robotic support. One of them is the robotic equipment next to the patient. This equipment has four arms that actually perform the operation. In the robotic surgery method, the surgeon controls these robotic arms.

Who Can Benefit From Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery?

Robotic surgery has started to be preferred in uterine operations in recent years. The reason for this is that it provides great convenience to both the surgeon and the patient. Many people who wish will be able to easily prefer robotic surgery methods in uterus removal operations. In addition, Robotic-assisted hysterectomy is especially suitable for the following people. Those people;

  • obesity patients
  • Patients with pelvic adhesions or advanced endometriosis
  • Patients with endometrial cancer (uterine cancer)

In order to understand whether robotic assisted uterus removal operations are suitable for you, you need to talk to your doctor and be examined. Detailed information will be given to you as a result of the inspection.

Advantages of Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery

We can state that robotic surgery provides great advantages for those who have undergone uterine removal surgery . The fact that patients provide great advantages during and after the operation ensures that they are more inclined to this operation. The general advantages of robotic womb removal are as follows;

  • Patients experience less blood loss during the operation.
  • There is less pain after the surgery.
  • Less scarring occurs as smaller incisions are made. This results in less scarring and faster healing.
  • Patients have less risk of infection.
  • Hospital stays are reduced.
  • It gets back to your daily life much faster.

Uterine removal operations are not an easy operation under normal conditions and patients cannot recover in a short time. However, we can say that the healing process will be much easier and faster when robotic surgery is used.

Before Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery

When robotic surgery is preferred for uterine surgery , a preparation process is required beforehand. When you decide for this operation, you should first talk to your doctor. Your doctor will physically examine you. In addition, you will be asked for blood and urine tests. You should stop eating and drinking the evening and morning before the operation. Our specialist doctor will inform you about all the details of the operation, its risks and the procedure in general. So there is no need for you to worry or fear at all.

How is Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery Performed?

The steps followed during the robotic operation to remove the uterus and the details of the operation are as follows;

  • First, a catheter is inserted to empty your bladder.
  • Before the procedure, the abdomen is cleaned with a sterile solution.
  • After anesthesia is applied to the patient, four or five small surgical incisions are made in the abdomen.
  • The instruments used in robotic surgery are placed in the abdomen and the surgeon will sit at the computer console and control the robot arms.
  • In a surgical operation, the uterus (womb) is usually removed from the vagina, and in some cases, it can be removed from the incision areas in the abdomen.

In the robotic surgery method, also known as the da vinci robotic surgery method, the surgical process generally continues in this way.

How Many Hours Does Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery Take?

The answer to the question of how many hours the uterus removal surgery takes is naturally wondered by people who want to undergo the operation. The duration of the operation varies according to the expertise of the surgeon and the procedures to be performed in the operation. Considering all these, the robotic uterus removal operation will vary between 1 and 4 hours on average.

After Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery

After uterus removal surgery, patients leave the hospital in a short time and begin to rest at home. If you experience bleeding, pain and high fever during this period, you should consult your doctor. Apart from that, your doctor will give you enough information about the drugs you need to use and the conditions you need to pay attention to. Your doctor will inform you about possible problems after removal of the uterus and will support you. After the operation, you can start the exercises without tiring and forcing yourself.

Recovery Process in Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery

While some patients need to stay in the hospital for one night after the robotic surgery operation, some patients can be discharged on the same day. You can do light activities the day after the operation. Your doctor will inform you when you can return to normal activities, depending on your condition. Thanks to the robotic surgery method, you can return to your normal life in a short time after the operation. Robotic uterine surgery is much more preferred because the recovery process is much faster and easier.

What Are the Risks of Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery?

The question of whether uterine removal surgery is risky is also frequently asked by patients. First of all, as in every surgical operation, some risks arise in robotic hysterectomy operations. One of the most important risks of this operation is that it takes a little longer than traditional operations, so there is a little more risk. The increase in the duration of the operation also causes an increase in complications. In general, the risks of the operation are as follows;

  • Damage to the urinary bladder and nearby organs
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Problems from anesthesia
  • blood clots in the legs
  • swelling and edema

Even the simplest surgical operations have some risks. Therefore, the risk factors of robotic surgical operations should not worry you. In addition, when you get support from a surgeon who is an expert in his field, the risk factors will be greatly reduced. Therefore, you need to be careful especially at the point of choosing a surgeon. Dr. Our teacher Derman Başaran is among the best experts in his field that you can choose in this field.

Robotic Uterine Removal Surgery Prices

Price is also an important detail in robotic operations, which are frequently preferred in uterus removal operations. There are many important details that affect the process and price in operations. First of all, a detailed examination process is required for the price information of robotic surgery operations. It is necessary to determine whether you are suitable for the operation. Afterwards , you can get detailed information about the price of robotic uterus removal surgery . You can contact your doctor at any time and make an appointment to meet and be examined.

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