Ovarian Cancer

What is Ovarian Cancer?

Ovarian or ovarian cancer is the second most common cancer affecting female reproductive organs. Although it is usually seen in women between the ages of 50-65, it can affect women of all ages.

There is no specific symptom of ovarian cancer, it is usually detected during routine controls or during the investigation of patients with abdominal distension, weakness and weight loss complaints. After the diagnosis is made, it is recommended that these patients be referred to gynecological oncology surgeons because studies have proven that patients get the best results when treated with these physicians.

Treatment of ovarian cancer often requires extensive surgery, patients may also need additional post-surgery treatment.

Dr. Derman Başaran is a physician who has been dealing only with women’s cancers and related conditions for more than 10 years and has been educated and served at top-level institutions both at home and abroad. When the specialist physicians in a clinic deal only with female cancers, the care and treatment success of the patients is at the highest level. For the most successful results in the treatment of your disease, make sure that there are gynecological oncology surgery specialists in the center where you are treated.

HIPEC (Hot Chemotherapy)

Studies have shown that when hot chemotherapy is applied in the abdomen during surgery in some patients with ovarian cancer, the oncological results in these patients are better. Determining which patient group will benefit from this treatment is the job of gynecological oncology surgery specialists.

Genetic Susceptibility Tests (BRCA and Others)

Ovarian cancer is a disease with genetic origins like most cancers, however, it is inherited in some patient groups. Individuals with diseases such as ovarian, breast, and colon cancer in their family history can also be performed genetic tests and BRCA1, BRCA2 and other risk-increasing conditions can be determined and risk-reducing surgery can be planned.

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