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Ovarian Cyst Surgery

Ovarian cyst is a problem seen in most women. Ovarian cysts are defined as water-filled sacs on the ovaries. Ovarian cysts can occur at any age. However, the incidence of cyst types may vary according to age. Ovarian cysts occur in different varieties.

  • Functional cyst: These cysts usually do not require surgery. Functional cysts are more common in the period called adolescence between the ages of 13 and 18. These cysts tend to disappear over time. The reason for this is that the balance of hormones is not fully achieved in the period called adolescence. Although it looks like a simple cyst, it should be checked at regular intervals. Although at very low rates, some problems can be seen. These cyst derivatives are also a common situation in the fertility period.
  • Corpus luteum cysts: These are cysts seen during menstruation and most of them disappear spontaneously.
  • Dermoid cysts are usually seen during pregnancy. Dermoid cysts may cause weight due to their structure and in this case, may cause ovarian rotation.
  • Chocolate cyst is generally seen during the reproductive period and is found in many women.

There may be some symptoms in ovarian cysts. Individuals with ovarian cysts usually experience menstrual irregularity. In addition, groin pain is one of the most common conditions in people. In such cases, people should consult a specialist doctor.

Ovarian cyst surgery is usually the surgical method used in cases where the symptoms are severe or when there is a risk for the person. Although ovarian cysts are cysts with a low cancer rate, their size and type of cyst are very important. In some cases, the surgical method may be applied because it prevents the person from getting pregnant.

What is Ovarian Cyst Surgery?

Ovarian cyst occurs in most women. Some of the cysts disappear on their own, while others may cause discomfort to people. In cases where there is no response from drug treatment, surgical method is applied if it poses a problem for people. At the same time, people may experience a cyst eruption. These situations can cause unwanted problems in people. Therefore, surgery can be applied. Some ovarian cysts have a low incidence of cancer. Surgery for cysts with cancer risk may be necessary to prevent their spread. 

In ovarian cyst surgeries, the path is followed according to the problem of the person. Cysts are cleared from both ovaries or a single ovary. Cysts may be one or more. It is not always necessary to remove the ovaries in ovarian cyst surgeries. However, if there are many and large cysts and the ovaries cannot be completely cleaned, it may be possible to remove the ovaries. The surgeries can be in different ways according to the problems seen in the person. Ovarian cyst surgeries are performed either open or closed.

Open Ovarian Cyst Surgery

Open surgery is also called laparotomy. During open surgery, the physician performing the surgery may find the opportunity to clear structural defects. Open ovarian cyst surgery is usually a method used when the cysts are large. However, open surgery is preferred for cysts with suspected cancer.

The main reason why open ovarian cyst surgery is preferred in cancer suspicion is that larger incisions can be made. In this way, the surgeon performing the surgery can more easily examine the part with cancer risk and find the opportunity to clean it more easily. In ovarian cyst surgery, incisions are usually made in the lower abdomen. Cysts in the ovaries are burned with the help of laser, or if necessary, the ovaries can be removed. Then, the area is brought back to its original position and suturing is performed and the surgery ends.

Closed Ovarian Cyst Surgery

Closed ovarian cyst surgery is usually performed by opening a few small incisions on the abdomen. A laparoscopy instrument is inserted through the incisions and imaging is performed. This method can also be used to diagnose. Closed ovarian cyst surgery is preferred in patients with no suspicion of cancer. There is no damage to the ovaries during the closed surgery. The healing process takes place in a shorter time in laparoscopic surgeries.  

Ovarian Cyst Surgery Risks

Ovarian cyst surgeries are performed under general anesthesia. Some people may be sensitive to general anesthesia and may encounter some problems. Such problems may also be valid in ovarian cyst surgery. For this reason, it should be considered whether people can handle general anesthesia. At the same time, since these operations are generally performed by entering from the abdomen, there may be a risk of adhesions in the genital organs.

After Ovarian Cyst Surgery

After ovarian cyst surgery, people are usually kept under observation in the hospital for 1 or 2 days. The recovery process after the surgery varies according to the difficulty level of the surgery. As in every surgery, people should stay away from heavy work for a while after ovarian cyst surgery. Abdominal swelling occurs in many people after surgery, but this is a temporary situation. As a result of regular exercise, this situation will disappear. However, exercise should be started one month after the surgery.

The healing process of the stitches is very important here. If people feel fever or excessive pain along with swelling in the abdomen, they should definitely consult the doctor who performed the surgery. After the surgery, people should avoid sexual intercourse until they feel better. The size of the operation is important in this regard. Because if a small operation is in question, people can have sexual intercourse at the end of about 3 weeks. After Ovarian Cyst Surgery If the physician performing the surgery is inconvenient for people to become pregnant, it is necessary to resort to contraceptive methods. Birth control pills are the most commonly used contraceptive methods. But in general, getting pregnant after ovarian cyst surgery is not a problem.

Where is Ovarian Cyst Surgery Performed?

Ovarian cysts occur in almost every woman. Most of the time, cysts do not require surgery. The probability of treatment with drugs is quite high. But in some cases, it can cause extreme discomfort to people or may be a risk of cancer. In such cases, surgery is needed. Ovarian cyst surgery is performed by opening incisions in the abdomen. The surgery is performed open or closed. The course of the surgery varies according to the size of the person's discomfort.

Ankara Ovarian Cyst Surgery

Ovarian cyst surgery is performed by specialist doctors in Ankara without any problems. Preferring successful specialist doctors is a very important condition for the quality of life of people. It is possible to find successful and experienced doctors in this field in Ankara. The choice of doctor is very important for the course of the surgery.

Frequently Asked QuestionsDoes Ovarian Cyst Surgery Disrupt the Hymen?

Ovarian cyst surgery does not cause any damage to the hymen. Since ovarian cyst surgery is performed with incisions on the abdomen, the hymen is not damaged.How Many Hours Does Ovarian Cyst Surgery Take?

Ovarian cyst surgery varies depending on the problem and condition of the person. For this reason, the duration of the operation also varies.Can You Get Pregnant After Ovarian Cyst Surgery?

If the doctor deems it appropriate after ovarian cyst surgery, it is possible to become pregnant. For some people, surgical removal makes pregnancy easier. If the ovary is not damaged, pregnancy is possible.How should sex be after ovarian cyst surgery?

After the ovarian cyst surgery, people can have sexual intercourse when they feel good during the healing process. Recovery may take about 3 weeks.

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