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Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

Ectopic pregnancy surgery is applied to terminate the fertilization process that does not occur correctly. Normally, eggs come from the ovaries.Fallopian It is transported to the uterus with the help of tubes and people can become pregnant in this way. However, in some cases, this transfer process does not occur correctly and the patient does not become pregnant normally and an ectopic pregnancy occurs. Since the embryo will not grow after a certain period of time and will damage the area where it is located, ectopic pregnancy must be terminated as soon as possible.

What is Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery?

We will provide information for those who wonder what ectopic pregnancy surgery is and why it is necessary. First of all, ectopic pregnancy is one of the most important problems that puts the health of expectant mothers at risk. When this problem occurs, the risk of death of expectant mothers occurs. That's why ectopic pregnancy detection. After the pregnancy is terminated as soon as possible. At this point, surgical intervention is not always performed. However, if the ectopic pregnancy has damaged the tubes or reproductive organs, surgical intervention is applied.

Where is Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery Performed?

Ectopic pregnancy surgery is performed as open or closed. In the closed operation, the application is performed just like the cesarean section. However, in open operation from this is more different. Whether it is open or closed is decided according to the general condition of the patient. It is applied whichever is convenient for the patient's health. In recent years, more closed operations are preferred more.

How is Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery Performed?

The issue of how ectopic pregnancy surgery is performed is an important issue. Because it is a situation and surgical intervention that scares many expectant mothers. Surgical intervention can be done either closed or open. In addition, there are two types of surgical methods. If the tubes are not damaged in one of these, pregnancy tissue is taken and in this case, although the probability of pregnancy decreases, it will not be impossible. In another type of surgery, the tubes are torn and damaged. In other words, it is preferred in this case and unfortunately in this case, the tubes are completely removed and the chances of conceiving are over.

Thanks to the developing technologies, almost all of these types of operations can now be performed in a closed manner. The application is made by choosing the appropriate method according to the health status of the patients.

Considerations After Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery

Caution after ectopic pregnancy surgery required. Your doctor will already inform you about important points. However, we will still inform you about what to pay attention to. Things to consider after the operation;

  • One of the most important issues that the patient should pay attention to after ectopic pregnancy surgery is infection. In order not to get an infection, a high level of hygiene should be taken care of.
  • After the operation your doctor. You should definitely use the medicines given by him regularly and not neglect them.
  • After the operation, you should not go to places such as the pool, sea, Turkish bath and sauna for a while.
  • Some birth control pills should not be used for a while, as they will pose a risk of ectopic pregnancy again.
  • Since smoking increases the risk of ectopic pregnancy, it is a habit that you should stay away from in this process and in your next life as much as possible.

Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery Price

The price of ectopic pregnancy surgery varies according to the methods applied and the condition of the patient. In some patients, only the pregnancy tissue is removed, while in some patients an even more complex operation is performed due to the removal of the tubes. In this care, both the methods applied change and the price of the surgery changes. After examining you and deciding on the operation, your doctor will inform you about the price.

Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery Ankara

Ectopic pregnancy surgery is an important operation performed more successfully in cities such as Ankara. The better the methods used for this operation, the more likely that people will not have their tubes removed. In this case, the chances of pregnancy still continue. Therefore, the primary preference of patients is a specialist who offers experienced and advanced methods.Doctors should be.

Assoc. Dr. Ectopic Pregnancy Surgery with Derman Başaran

On ectopic pregnancy surgery , Assoc. Dr. Derman Başaran offers you the best support and performs successful operations. While helping you, it acts as carefully and carefully as possible to ensure that your chance of pregnancy does not end. With its experience and expertise, it makes the operation much safer for you.

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