Vulva Cancer

What is Vulvar Cancer?

Vulva is the name given to the outermost part of female genitals and vulva cancer originates from this region. Vulvar cancer usually presents as an itchy and burning swelling or scar. Although it can be seen at any age, it is a disease of advanced age. In the treatment of vulvar cancer, it is aimed to remove some intact tissue along with the tumor and to obtain a solid surgical margin. Depending on the tumor size and the depth of the tumor, it may be necessary to remove the lymph nodes on the affected side.

Sentinel Lymph Node Biopsy

Recent studies in sampling of lymph node glands, which are a part of vulvar cancer surgery, have shown that removing the first lymph nodes where the tumor was shed instead of removing all lymph nodes carries less surgical risk for patients. This procedure should be performed by gynecological oncology surgeons experienced in this field.

Dr. Derman Başaran is a physician who has been dealing only with women’s cancers and related conditions for more than 10 years and has been educated and served at top-level institutions both at home and abroad. When the specialist physicians in a clinic deal only with female cancers, the care and treatment success of the patients is at the highest level. For the most successful results in the treatment of your disease, make sure that there are gynecological oncology surgery specialists in the center where you are treated.

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